Candy Aura - Aura collection - Made in Norway

Candy Aura - Aura collection - Made in Norway


  • Stone: QUARTZ Candy Aura, bonded with gold and silver by hand. 
  • Lenght. 75 cm
  • Collection: AURA
  • Necklace Material: Recycled 925 Sterling Silver
  • Necklace Length: 75 cm
  • Necklace Thickness: 1.5
  • Stone Size: Around 3-4 cm Tall
  • Collection: Aura


Stone properties and meaning: 


Candy cotton aura has been associated with the energy of love, though this has been bonded with gold and silver by hand. The pink colour therapy is thought to help one attract love, as well as to heal from painful love experiences. Some say that it is also able to carry similar energy to rose quartz that calms and heals the heart


Chakra: Throat and higher heart 



The Aura collection is always aiding to a good vibe with the wonderful quartz crystals and a lively aura.

The stones are raw and natural and not cut gemstones, so each item is unique - The pictures only displays an example of the product – Tell us if you have any specific wish for your order!


Handmade in Norway.


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