Dragon blood sage

Dragon blood sage

Dragon blood sage or red sage is simply white sage coated with dragons blood resin. While sage will cleanse your space, Dragons blood sage will cleanse, heal and protects you and the energy in your space.


Dragon’s blood is the name of the resin that comes from the plant Dracaceno draco, also known as Draconis Palm or Daemonorops palm. This dark, blood-red resin - which is associated with the element of fire and the planet Mars - is secreted from the fruit and stem of this plant. It is typically used in its crystalized form or as a powder.

A prickly outer layer protects the fruits of the Draconis Palm. This is fitting, as the resin of this plant is a very powerful protectant. The fruits are picked and stored in bags, then beaten to loosen the resin. The powdered resin is then sifted and warmed to form lumps.

Dragon's Blood resin has a long history of use.


The Greeks and Romans used the resin to stop bleeding. It was used as an astringent wash for wounds in Europe, Mexico, Asia and many other areas. Italian violin makers also used it as a varnish.




For cleansing a home, burn Dragon’s Blood incense in the center of the home. It’s a powerful way to get rid of energies of former occupants of a house and create a fresh space for the new owners




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