Himalayan Rock Salt lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt lamp

2-3 kg. 

Including bulb


People use these salt crystal lamps for a number of different reasons. Their soothing pink glow is believed to clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, boost your mood and help you sleep.


Himalayan rock salt lamp, fit with a wooden base. Because this special item is made of natural materials, the dimensions and shape of the lamp you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured. 


The actual salt helps to absorb different allergens and particles that may be floating around in the air, which is why so many people with allergies love them for helping to purify their bedroom and the rest of their house.

Once the salt absorbs the particles and water from the air, it needs to return water vapor back into the environment in your home, which is exactly what happens when you switch your lamp on.

The heat activates the ions found in the salt, which helps to release negative ions into the air and help keep your lungs clear.

The Best Locations for Salt Lamps

Where should you place your Himalayan salt lamp within your home? The great thing is you can experience health benefits in just about any room of your home you want to use one in.

However, because the pink salt can absorb so much moisture, it’s recommended that you do not use them in damp environments, such as bathrooms and basements. Keep salt lamps only in the drier areas of your home where you spend the most time like your bedroom, living room and office. That way you can reap the most and best benefits.

You can, of course, keep them anywhere in your home you like. And having more than one of these beautiful babies in your home is highly recommended if you want to receive the most healing benefits.

The Many Benefits for You

There are quite a few potential benefits of using a Himalayan salt lamp in your house. First of all, they can help to cleanse the air in your home. This is often the reason most people will get these types of lamps.

You can use them to remove some allergens from the air. This can be a great help during spring allergy season.


Another benefit of cleansing the air is that it can naturally deodorize it, helping it to smell a little better inside your bedroom or other room. Himalayan salt lamps have also been known to help balance out moods for some people.






    Makes me calm and centered. Perfect lamp for good energy in the bedroom!

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    Love it. Fits to any outfit and occasion

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    Beautiful crystals & super service <3

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    My fav place to get gems and nive jewelry. Love moore

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    Fint unicorn-smykke! Fine fargar og god kvalitet:)

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    Ronald Belaza

    I love it because its uniqe with spirituels stones that helps ur energy, health and its looks amazing beautiful!❤️😍

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    Love this so much - feels really nice quality and looks great in my room!

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    I love jewellery by Moore. Beautiful handcrafted art with nature’s powerful crystals.

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