Piece of earth - Opal chain hanging earpiece

Piece of earth - Opal chain hanging earpiece

  • Material: Recycled 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Stone: Opal, Ethiopia
  • Stone Size: @ 10 mm
  • Collection: Piece of Earth


Opal is a stone of happines and inspiration. It brings creativity, imagination and open mindness to your life.


You can wear Opal to decrease confusion, enhance positivity or to help you see your own values better.


Chakra: Heart



  • How do you take care of an Ethiopian Opal

    Because we love opal, we like to educate our customers on how best to care for their opals, so they can enjoy the beauty of this individual and precious gemstone for many years to come. Please take a few moments to read this guide, and don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

    Ethiopian Opals are one of the newest additions to the opal family, only discovered in 2008 in the Wollo Province of Ethiopia. They are sometimes referred to as Welo Opals or African Opals.  

    Ethiopian Opals are usually light in colour and the high grade opals display mesmerising, at times, almost neon flashes of fire. As beautiful as these opals are, they are very temperamental and require special care and handling. 


     1. Keep Your Ethiopian Opals Away from Water and Liquids. 

    Ethiopian Opals are "hydrophane", which makes them thirsty for water. If the opals come in contact with water, they will absorb it like a sponge. If the opals are left in water and allowed to soak it up, they may lose their fire temporarily and turn yellow or brown. But don't worry, the fire and colour will come back once the opals have fully dried, which can take a few minutes to weeks, depending on how much water they managed to absorb. 

    2. Do Not Expose Your Opals to Extreme Changes in Temperature. 

    Opals are sometimes referred to as "living gems" due to their ability to soak up liquids. Ethiopian opals handle gradual temperature changes well. So when drying an opal that has managed to soak up water and lose its fire, let it dry naturally. Do not try to speed up the process by placing the opals under a hot light or hair dryer. 

    3. Avoid Liquid Chemicals Around Your Ethiopian Opals. 

    Because of the opal's "thirstiness", liquids like perfumes, soaps and cleaning products can stains your opals and change their colour. If that happens, try washing them with warm water and wiping with a soft cloth before allowing them to dry on their own. 

    4. Never Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner or a Steamer. 

    A lot of jewellers use ultrasonic cleaners to clean gemstone jewellery. While some gemstones can withstand it, Ethiopian opals are more fragile and may crack. To clean your opals, simply wipe away with a soft cloth.


    5. Avoid Manual Labour when Wearing Your Opals. 

    When wearing opal jewellery, you should remember its moderate hardness and toughness. It rates 5.5 to 6.5 on Moh's scale of hardness. This puts them below quartz (7) and emeralds (7.5 to 8) and above pearls and coral (3 to 4). This means that it is best to take off your opal rings and bracelets when trying to build an IKEA bookshelf or weed your garden! 





Makes me calm and centered. Perfect lamp for good energy in the bedroom!

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Caroline Hultgren

Love it. Fits to any outfit and occasion

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Beautiful crystals & super service <3

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Monica Øien

My fav place to get gems and nive jewelry. Love moore

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Fint unicorn-smykke! Fine fargar og god kvalitet:)

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Ronald Belaza

I love it because its uniqe with spirituels stones that helps ur energy, health and its looks amazing beautiful!❤️😍

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Love this so much - feels really nice quality and looks great in my room!

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I love jewellery by Moore. Beautiful handcrafted art with nature’s powerful crystals.

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I love this ring. So unique and beautiful. Feels empowering to wear.

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